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eSIM не має номера телефону

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eSIM буде активовано після оплати

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What is eSIM?

eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows you to use cellular communications without the need for a physical SIM card

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Our rates will allow you to stay in touch even 1000 kilometers away from home and not limit yourself in communication with friends and relatives!

Easy online purchase, instant delivery of purchased eSIM, easy installation!

Our eSIMs work in over 200 countries and regions!

eSIMsale is an eSIM electronic card store that will allow you to get rid of high roaming charges, preventing you from being left without a telephone connection or the Internet on the train. With eSIMsale services, you don't have to look for free Wi-Fi or SIM cards at the airport.

To connect to the Internet in the country of your vacation or business trip, you just need to buy eSIM with the desired amount of traffic and install it on your phone.

The aim of our company is to provide you with communication worldwide at the lowest possible tariffs, as well as to get rid of roaming restrictions and to solve the problem of communication abroad, which has existed for many years.

We take care of our customers 24/7. We provide 24-hour support service, and all changes in order status are notified by SMS-notifications and emails.

Buy eSIM from us and start communicating in a couple of minutes without visiting our sales offices!
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How eSIMsale works

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Select the desired country or region and the appropriate tariff

Step 2: Make a payment

Make a payment in the way that is most convenient for you

Step 3: Install eSIM

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Step 4: Activate eSIM

Activate eSIM if necessary!

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Do you want to stay connected while roaming at rates up to 10 times lower than those of your mobile operator?

Choose the amount of traffic you need, install an eSIM on your phone and forget about huge roaming bills, searching for free WI-FI and a local SIM card!